Hi there, I'm so glad you're here!
I hope you learn more about me and
My whimsical life by reading this. Though there
Is much more about me than I'm going to put on this page!
But feel free to ask questions! 

1. " Greater is He who is living in me, than he
that is living in the world. " 1 John 4:4
 I accepted Christ as my Savior & was baptized at the age of 6,
It has been such a blessing growing up in a Christian home
With Godly parents and siblings to look up to. Though I continually fail
Him, His grace & love are unending.  It's amazing to
see how much God has worked in my life and I can't wait to see 
What He has in store for me.

2. Growing up, there was always someone to spend time with.
I love being one of the 'middle kids' in birth order because I've always 
been able to go along with  the littles and be the 'big little kid'
Or go along with the older's and be the 'little big kid'!!
I'm the 6th born of 13, and I get to share a room
With 3 sisters + our family dog Maggie.
for the majority of my life we've driven a 'big van'
we outsized the 12 passenger and have been driving a 15
Passenger van ever since! Its like a bus basically! 
my parents are 2 amazing people who've took on the responsibility 
Of homeschooling all 13 kids! (5 of which are graduated)!
it's been so much fun having siblings as classmates 
& being able to take vacations during school semesters! 

3. I love biking...
it's a great way to relax & get some good
Exercise at the same time! I'm always bummed when biking 
Is out of season. But that is usually when I start running!

4. Traveling is one of my most favorite things to do ever!
I love long road trips, fall camping at the dunes,
overnight stays w/grandparents, and even
Last minute, spontaneous trips!
our family has been so blessed by all the 
love and generosity our relatives have shown by having
All 15 (or a few less) of us come and stay w/them.
and we even drove up to Canada back in 2007 for a family 
Reunion! So I can say i've been out of the US!

5. I currently have the Nikon coolpix P100. It has been 
passed down to me from a sister who saw 
my love for photography and gave it to me, case being 
She never used it. I am saving up my pennies
For a DSLR... I've decided on the Canon eos 6D!
Only a few more $!!!

6. Drawing has always been
One of my favorite hobbies! I've never
taken any lessons but try to improve my talent
Every time I crack open the sketch book!
I love learning new things and how to better my
artwork, I love drawing movie characters and
Random stuff I discover on Pinterest.
Go check out my art account on Instagram. I've slacked
way off though as I am tying to work on my photography
So don't expect any recent ish drawings!!

7. Monkeys... one of the cutest,
fluffiest, funniest, heart melting creatures I 
ever did see! my whole childhood (and even now)
I've dreamt of having a pet monkey! but as my dad never
Fails to mention "monkey's rip peoples faces off!"
I figure, I'll just see them at the zoo!
but then I had thought about what kind of dog I'd want
because surely I could have a dog as a pet when I'm older! but
Rottweilers happen to be my favorite breed... and if you don't train them 
right, you have a disaster on your hands! so
Now, I've came to the conclusion that I want a cat!
But monkeys will always be my favorite animal!

8. now, i wouldn't call myself a picky movie person
But at the same time I am! I love all the old
BBC classics (pride & prejudice, Emma, etc.), 
old westerns like apple dumpling gang, a wide selection of Disney, 
dreamworks animated films & a few other odd movies in
Between! If I had to pick some of my VERY favorite, I'd say
the amazing spider-man, how to train your dragon(s), Tarzan &
The dolphin tale movies I really liked!

9.  Beanies...
I love beanies! I get so excited when cold weather rolls around
because for one, I'm a huge fan of cold weather
and second its beanie season

I hope you got to know me a bit more from this!
Now leave a comment if you wish! I'd love 
To get to know you too!


May God bless you,
Have A Whimsical Day!