Saturday, January 14, 2017

Summit Worldview Conference - TN | July - 2016

Way back in July, I had the opportunity to attend
A Summit worldview conference/ camp. It was two weeks long 
but time flew by. I learned SO much and was very blessed by so many of the 
speakers, all the new friends I made and the fantastic leadership team.
I was especially happy that i was able to attend alongside Emily and Mary.
Being roommates with Mary was so much fun since we aren't roommates at home!
we definitely made lots of memories =D (maybe a little toothpaste here, a 
little grasshopper there...All good things)!
One thing I really enjoyed was the mountain top sunrises ♥
The Smokies are beautiful. Well, All the ping-pong was pretty fantastic too...
(Even if Mary couldn't play with me at 6:30am)!!
Here are lots of photos from the trip... Enjoy!

 I had a fantastic small group with some amazing girls! 

Literally the prettiest sunsets + sunrises!

At summit I probably set the record for the most speed volleyball
I've ever played in my life all together! It was so much fun (even if my pinky got jammed and
turned all green and purple for a few days 😬!)
Got to ride on busses two different days so that was fun because I rarely 
get to ride on them. It was A little scary though when we were on our way to white water
rafting because the driver was used to driving though the mountain turns and was
going a pretty decent speed so that was a thrilling bus ride!! 😂😂

And....Another item off the bucket list ✅
We may have fallen off our seats but thankfully none of us ended up overboard!
At one point we got stuck up on this rock and everyone in our group were just going by laughing as 
we sat there putting in all our efforts to get back into the flow of water but it took us a while. 😂😂
It was rather funny!

Hope you enjoyed all those photos,

Have a whimsical day!


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Snacktrays | FOOD

The last several months
we've been making snack-trays for lunch!
Basically when we're out of leftovers 
or there's not enough to go around, you make 
up a bunch of random on a tray and
call it lunch ='D
(Not to mention, they are kinda cool lookin!)
All my little siblings LOVE it when
I make these because it involves all these different
foods that you get to eat as finger food and 
we all get to share off of one tray! It is a rather fun lunch :)
Here are some of our creations!

First tray >
•Avocado ranch dip
•Olive, Cheese and Pepperoni skewers 
•Almond thins w/ Cream cheese

Second tray >
•Everything bagel bites with cream cheese
•Sliced strawberries 
•Veggies and ranch
•Cheese cubes

Third tray >
•Hummus + Honey mustard pretzel skins
•Watermelon, Cherries, Kiwi
•Vanilla wafers + banana slices

Fourth tray >
•Crackers + Hummus
•baby Carrots 
•Lettuce, turkey, cheese wraps
•Dried strawberries + Bananas
•Twizzler bites 

Fifth tray >
•Veggies + Dip
•Mini Pretzel Vienna cheese bread loafs
•Lettuce wraps w/ BBQ pulled pork
•Rice cakes cut into bites w/ Strawberry Jam

Well, I'm getting hungry now :D
Have a whimsical day,


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nature Photography

So, Lately I've been
shooting flowers and everything green
& full of life! The camera I currently
use doesn't do very well as far as portraits go
so I'm just practicing in manual mode / playing around with
the DOF (depth of field).
Here are some of my favorites from this spring...

Ok, I know that was tons of photos but I wanted to get them
all posted :) If you couldn't tell by the
amount of photos on this post... I loved shooting all of them!
God has created such BEAUTIFUL things for us to
enjoy. Yet we often forget about those little things
and not even notice the masterpiece right before our eyes!
I never knew how beautiful this overgrown weed bush thingy ever
was because we would chop it down summer after summer... All it took 
was one summer of not chopping it down to bloom and blossom with these
lovely little pink flowers! I can't even remember how many
mornings I woke up to watch the sunrise and ended up with my camera
and I all up in the bush taking a trillion photos!!
Lets all try and notice even the tiniest, most simple masterpieces...
the world will look a lot happier if we start to notice ho much beauty we're 
surrounded by.  

God bless you & have a Whimsical day!