Sunday, October 13, 2013

~*~ september ~*~

hello again,
i've decided to 
post my september pictures now!
and yes there are some 
random ones :)
i hope you enjoy them ;)

orange spice latte

one of the books i've accomplished in september!

 canning tomatoes ;)

one of the best ways to cheat on a sugar fast ;P

here comes james!
 hiking at indiana dunes
 climbing dunes (looks easier then it really is!)

 the beach

 acorns were EVERYWHERE! i had to take a picture of one :)



beach volleyball ;P


well thats all for now!
have a whimsical day & God bless


Thursday, October 3, 2013

- August -

  hello readers, 
here are my August pictures.
these past few months have been busy!
canning tomatoes,apples,strawberries,
 pears & green beans.
also freezing tons of corn,some raspberries &
some blueberries! me and a couple of my sisters went to PA to visit some friends.
& we got to go to Washington D.C., and it
was soo cool!
                                           my commit team at the ATI conference
                                            my teachers and I!

                                                      our garden

                                                             Iced tea
                                                       green beans!

                                            i love taking pictures of the sky!

                                              smithsonian museums :)

                                                         me and my friend

Gettysburg, PA

                                              climbing rocks at Devils Den - Gettysburg

                                                           sunset selfies!
                                                               maggie our family pet.

                                  thanks for reading! 
              have a whimsical day ;)
 *Alaina Josephine*