Saturday, June 10, 2017

SUMMER - 2016 | highlights

After going through ALL
my Summer pictures, I realize there
are a bunch of gems that would go otherwise unseen
unless I did a post so this is like random Summer
photos of some of my highlights 
(don't worry... I'm not posting all my photos! 😂)

Babysitting is a big highlight in my life and I have been so blessed
to babysit 7 of some of the greatest kids out there and see them almost every day.
I love all the kids to pieces and I can't imagine how dull life would be
without all of they're laughter, tears, energy, big hearts and kindness.

 Watching little Jud grow up through the summer and learn to walk + more 
has been so cool. He's turning into such a big boy!
They're all the cutest things!

 So thankful for my siblings willingness to be models for me to practice my photography.
(these are just some BTS of a shoot I'll post later)
 I was so blessed by all the acts of kindness shown by my family throughout the summer (well, all the time)! I am constantly reminded how blessed I am to be a part of such a great family!
I think all the trips I got home from, I had something on my pillow or desk wether it was
an encouraging note, fun socks or a sweet treat. 

 Biking... Something I do a lot of during the warm seasons and something I love.
I did our annual forty for fitness spring cycle and did the 16 mile ride all over our city
And it was one of the funnest things I've ever done! 
 God's creation never ceases to amaze me. probably half my photos from last year are all
Photos of sunrises and sunsets! He creates every sunrise/set different and to me, that is something I'll
Always be in awe of. 

 Saw quite an impressive storm! I couldn't believe how dark the sky got. It made me think of that Scene on UP when they're flying the house through the storm (If you know what I'm saying)!
 And afterwards, there was 2 rainbows (the other one was barely noticeable). I think it was
The first time I've ever seen a rainbow end to end! It was impressive.

Going to Green Lake, WI for a family conference was so much fun! It was such a lovely place! 💕
 Not to mention, they had the coolest play-set! It was an ark but the inside was like a little people cabin. (I may have had to duck my head on the bottom level!)
 So, our campsite was kinda hilly so our sibling tent was kinda on a bit of a slant. Every morning, I'd wake up scooted to the end of the air mattress and the air mattress scooted all the way up to the wall. 
 I got to be an assistant leader in the children's program for my first time so that was super fun 
Because I love being with kids! Team blue was great and I loved having 2 little siblings on my team!
So many beautiful flowers. Another one of God's creations that amaze me 😊

 Going to Grabil days street fair with a bunch of friends was such a blast!
Funnel cakes, hennas, German roasted almonds.... It's all great!
 And we all three matched in walk in love T's w/o planning so we had to get a photo!
 Sunset strolls with best friends 💕
 I rarely bike with people but when I do, its pretty fun!

Have a whimsical day!


Monday, June 5, 2017

Spoon Lake | July-16

After two weeks at a worldview camp in the beginning
Of July, spending the last weekend of July at the lake was pretty great!
I love it when there's more than one vacation in a month! 🙌
So thankful for my Uncle and Aunt who have us come stay each year.
It is always a highlight of my year!
Between jet skiing, tubing, fishing, corn hole, eating,
preparing to head out each morning, swimming, sitting by the fire
and playing board games, I don't think its possible 
To get bored!! We always have a blast and come home crisped from the sun
and full of new stories to tell! (some exciting stuff happens at the lake)

Enjoy all these photos...

I don't know how she can fall asleep on a jet ski ride! 😂

Lucky charms on the front porch.

Always fascinated by shadows and cool lighting!
All that golden light 💕✨
Love these precious little dumplings!

 By the second round of tube rides, the kids decided to take it to the next level and ride standing!
 Me and James decided to try it too but its hard to stand all the way up when you're taller! I was afraid I'd just flip right off the back!! 

 So, my uncle introduced me to Ottmar Liebert's music and I loved it!
I've been trying to learn flamenco on my guitar ever since to play at the lake next time...

The lake house is just on this little loop so we'll just run out the front door sometimes and go running around the loop for fun... It's a great way to get your energy out!....
Not that you have too much after a full day of swimming 😂
Aren't they the cutest things?!!
 About to launch

 We decided to haul the kayaks down to the lake the last morning for a little morning paddle...
Kayaking is so much fun!

 The wind is pretty crazy when your on the front of the speedboat! (as you can tell by the hair)

Spending time with the cousins is always a blast! always making memories 😉
 Everyone is pretty much passed out the whole way home...
 The sunset on our way home was beautiful!!

It was an all around fantastic trip and I'm so thankful for all the 
family time we were able to have. 

Have a whimsical day!