Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"let the snow come down, to cover the ground!"

hello there,
recently we got a lota snow! and we got to go sledding with friends
                        which is a great way to spend a snowy weekend!
and some of us siblings went out one night to play in the snow and
completed 3 snow forts/igloos! which were super fun to make
and play in while they lasted! anyway here are our snow houses
and some cold frosty weather pictures ;)



                                       the sunset was so pretty but I had to stay inside because it was
                                               negative 14! and I didn't want my camera to break ;)

                                                    frosty windows♥

ok and for the snow houses!
here is Isaiah's
                                                 his tunnel goes through!
here is my house! (I had the pictures straight but when I loaded them to my blog
they flipped sideways ='( )

                                                    a nice little stick on top!!!!!
here is the inside! (I never got the time to finish digging it out before it melted!
but I did fit in it ;) so that was good =D)
                                             once you were in it, it seemed gigantic!

here is Emily, Esther and Natalie's tunnel
                                                      and it also had a side room that Esther made!
well that is it! I hope your enjoying your winter (and all the lovely snow!)
have a whimsical day =D

Sunday, January 5, 2014


ok here are my Christmas pictures! i hope you all had a great one =)

here is a quick slideshow!
Christmas tree lights

 pine cone 
 Isaiah being a hard worker doing dishes!
 mom making dinner!
 Paul playing toys in the corner 
 Faith... attempting to ride James! 

 the lovely table we had our big meal at in Alabama. 

 Me and my new monkey robe! 

 Maggie..... waiting for us to open gifts!
 Paul, getting all antsy to open gifts!! 
                                                    some of the girls!
                                                          Esther & Isaiah
                                                    me and James


i got a new game too! it's really fun!

thats all!
have a whimsical day!