Tuesday, December 31, 2013


 Happy new year everyone i hope you've had a GR8 2013
  & Happy Birthday Dad And Natalie, i hope your birthday was filled with
enough beautiful fashions & Gorgeous hair-doo's!
may God bless you both richly throughout these next years!
 I'm so blessed to have you both for my Dad and as my sister.

 Here are some pictures of some of our crazy face paints!
  also we had a miss-matched outfit & weirdest hair-doo party as a suprise for
            my Dad! Enjoy ;) BEWARE! we may be a little scary!

me and my homemade 2014 glasses!

my odd face paint design 

our good friends Susanna, Hannah and then Me! (yes my hair is a bit odd!)

Emily decided to draw some stuff on the younger kids faces!

James and his mustache!

Have a whimsical rest of the year and beginning of the new year!


Saturday, December 28, 2013

capturing December - Week 4

 time sure fly's when your taking a picture everyday &blogging about it!
i looked back over my old posts (capturing December posts), and it seems
like it was just yesterday!!!! than again, maybe it's just me who feels that way!?!
OK........ here are week four pictures!
Enjoy : D

Sunday: Stockings
mini red stocking!

Monday: GREEN♥

Tuesday: Late night
i didn't end up going to bed till like 12:45!

Wednesday: JOY
new pajamas! 

Thursday: Mess
yarn mess!

Friday: blessings
sketchbook, chocolate & gummy bears!
  minion T-shirt & Purple T-shirt

Saturday: Weather 
oh my this is a dorky picture! oh well!

Have a whimsical day!

#Alaina_J : D

merry Christmas a little late ;D
Christmas pictures coming later (Mater)!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

capturing December - week 3

well hello again reader,
it's week 3 already? whaaaat?
ok here are the pictures! 

                                                               Sunday: silver

Monday: boots
Valerie helped me out with this one!

Tuesday: wrapped

Wednesday: tradition 
speed knitting before Christmas!

Thursday: number 19

Friday: Words

Saturday: Family
Me & Valerie with our icy-pops!

only 2 more weeks :( ;)

Alaina Josephine

Sunday, December 15, 2013

crazy face!

these are some random pictures of us kids 
on our way to Alabama. we got bored so we decided
to take crazy pictures!
                                                           eeeehh... hewo theh!
                                                              squint-eyed mouse!
                                                               bubble gum!
                                                                      white-eyed mouse

                  that's all of our craziness for now!!!
                                         have a whimsical day
*Alaina Josephine

capturing December - week 2

here are my pictures for week 2.
sorry there a day late :( ...
but we were driving in the car yesterday for 9 hours
headed to Alabama so i couldn't really update it!
anyway here they are =D

                                                             Sunday: Decorations
                                                                Monday: B+W
                                                        Belgian cookies  (our traditional Christmas cookie!)

Tuesday: night time

Wednesday: I am listening to...
Frozen soundtrack♥

Thursday: Homemade
rubber band bracelet!

Friday: Cozy
peppermint mocha & monkey blanket! 

Saturday: Smiles
Alexa, Valerie & Alyssa

Hope you enjoy!
there will be more soon enough!

Have a whimsical day!

*Alaina Josephine

Saturday, December 7, 2013

capturing December week1

hello all,
here are my December photo challenge pictures from week 1.
i hope you enjoy them!
Sunday : mail
Christmas cards!

Monday: Red & White
Jesus is the reason for the season!

Tuesday: Favorite holiday movie

Wednesday: Christmas tree (Jesse tree!)

Thursday: Lights!

Friday: candle 

Saturday: Baking!
confetti cupcakes

Thats all for this week! i'll be looking forward to posting next weeks!
have a whimsical Holiday Season!
God Bless

*Alaina Josephine

Happy Birthday Kate!

                      Happy Birthday Kate,
                              I Hope I made your day ;D
                    may God bless you.
                                   I ♥ you.

                                 Hope you are behaving yourself! (jk and you knew it!).
                                             #itsyourday #havefunnn #iluvyu♥
                                                     ~Alaina Josephine~