Tuesday, December 31, 2013


 Happy new year everyone i hope you've had a GR8 2013
  & Happy Birthday Dad And Natalie, i hope your birthday was filled with
enough beautiful fashions & Gorgeous hair-doo's!
may God bless you both richly throughout these next years!
 I'm so blessed to have you both for my Dad and as my sister.

 Here are some pictures of some of our crazy face paints!
  also we had a miss-matched outfit & weirdest hair-doo party as a suprise for
            my Dad! Enjoy ;) BEWARE! we may be a little scary!

me and my homemade 2014 glasses!

my odd face paint design 

our good friends Susanna, Hannah and then Me! (yes my hair is a bit odd!)

Emily decided to draw some stuff on the younger kids faces!

James and his mustache!

Have a whimsical rest of the year and beginning of the new year!