Saturday, December 28, 2013

capturing December - Week 4

 time sure fly's when your taking a picture everyday &blogging about it!
i looked back over my old posts (capturing December posts), and it seems
like it was just yesterday!!!! than again, maybe it's just me who feels that way!?!
OK........ here are week four pictures!
Enjoy : D

Sunday: Stockings
mini red stocking!

Monday: GREEN♥

Tuesday: Late night
i didn't end up going to bed till like 12:45!

Wednesday: JOY
new pajamas! 

Thursday: Mess
yarn mess!

Friday: blessings
sketchbook, chocolate & gummy bears!
  minion T-shirt & Purple T-shirt

Saturday: Weather 
oh my this is a dorky picture! oh well!

Have a whimsical day!

#Alaina_J : D

merry Christmas a little late ;D
Christmas pictures coming later (Mater)!