Saturday, November 30, 2013

DIY (fabric) spray paint T-Shirt

 hello reader!
here is one of the many DIY things i like to make!
I hope you enjoy making one as much as i do!
SO  you'll need:

*A plain colored T-shirt (I've only used white cause i like the way
it turns out!).

*Fabric Spray Paint (i use tulip brand)

* a sheet of sticker paper that you can cut shapes and words out of!

* scissors 

*old newspapers to cover working surface with and to put inside
T-shirt so paint dose not leak through when it is wet.

*sharpie marker to draw out shapes and letters on sticker paper

OK so once you have your surface covered with your newspaper wit your T-shirt
Laying on top, put newspaper inside of the whole shirt is the paint dose not
leak through. make sure the newspaper is going edge to edge inside the shirt.

draw out your letters or shapes on sticker paper. i did "smile... its a whimsical life!"
on my shirt front and back.

cut out the traced letters or shapes and stick them on your shirt where you would like them.
 now you can spray away....... but do be careful not to go off the newspaper ;D

after you've sprayed it than you may add little designs with fabric design paint tubes.

let the first side dry before starting other side. it has to dry 7 hours before taking stickers
off. then you repeat these steps for the back side after first side has dried.
you can not wash your shirt until 72 hours after spraying.
and you need to flip inside out when washing and drying. and wash with similar colors.
and that is it!!! hope you enjoy ;)
here are the 2 I've made

and this one

have a whimsical day!

~Alaina Josephine~ 

if you have any questions about the tutorial just ask!                                                       

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

              Happy Thanksgiving everyone,
                I hope you are all having a great day
                            may God bless you all.

Psalms 100:4

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, 
     and into his courts with praise: 
           be thankful unto him, 
            and bless his name.

                                 have a whimsical day

                        ~Alaina Josephine

Saturday, November 16, 2013

snow pictures!

                                hello there!
                      yes the morning after the snow had fallen,
                went out and took some pictures of it 
                    sooo... here they are!

there are all my snow pictures! the snow is gone now 
so i'm glad i got pictures when i did!
hope you are enjoying the season ;)
have a whimsical day!!!!!

♥Alaina Josephine♥

Monday, November 11, 2013


hello reader!
how's your weather?
ok it is odd (ok maybe not...), but it just snowed and there is still leaves on the trees!
usually it will snow and melt right away this early in the season, but not this time!
i can't decide if i like it or not? :( :) ♥! 
I was just getting to enjoy fall and be ready for thanksgiving 
and now we have snow! anyway i am enjoying it for the moment. but
it'll probably be gone in the morning so.........  Enjoy it while it lasts!

  (no i did not take this picture... it is pitch dark out so i decided to use Google for help!)

                                            Have A Whimsical Day!

                                                              *Alaina Josephine

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall Part 1

Good morning everyone!
today I'm going to post some of my fall pictures
(I usually end up with quite a few!).
anyway i hope you all are doing well! here are the
pictures ;) 

those are my fall pictures so far! I'll have to do a random post of
all my random pictures! (that's always fun! )
hope you all are having a GR8 Fall ;)
have a Whimsical day.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What i've been knitting!

                                                  Hello everyone,
            these are some pictures of what I've been 
                 knitting over these past two months!
         I took a knitting class with my sister and we
learned how to make gloves. it was such a fun class
      and much easier than i thought it would be!
      (which is always a good thing ;P ).

         and then i was looking for some cute little
       animal to knit for my sister Valerie's birthday,
 and i found this pattern on this blog for adorable little      bunnies that this girl made! (she also knits some          other really cool things!) Here is the link: 

they don't take long at all to make!

well that is all for now! I'll (hopefully) be posting
again soon! thanks for reading ;)
Have a Whimsical day

Josephine ♥