Sunday, December 21, 2014

Alabama Trip - summer 2014 - pt.1

so... I've been meaning to get
this post up for a long time now... but I barely 
had time to post the others!

but now I am ready to gt these posts up!


our trip to Alabama was SOO much fun
but we missed having Hannah and Kate there with us!
some of my favorite memories from the trip are

*kayaking into the sunset with Emily! it was
Gorgeous! (so bummed i didn't have my camera out there!)

*having a mouse in the camper and chasing it our
with multiple items!

*being out on the lake ALL day!
(who doesn't enjoy that?!!)

*going fishing and catching a bluegill =D

*spending time with Betty, Denny and there 

*eating to much apple pie! (made by Mary!)

soo here is the first part of my pictures!

 on our way there, me & Isaiah were
bench buddies so we got a cherry slushy to share!

 that glorious moment when we reach the Kentucky 
 such cool old brick buildings!
 and the lovely mountains and clouds ♥ 
 drew these princesses in the car!
 these two goofballs... we have way to much fun ;)
 the first 3 days we were there we were able to
go swimming at Betty's brothers house which was alotta fun!
Esther sure enjoyed it ;)

 Natalie loves making up a bunch
of new ways to jump off the edge into the pool!
 Paul looks like he's walking through a puddle!
 Isaiah looks like he's just standing there!
 Esther's just flying out there!
 that's Nate,the boys best bud while we were there!

 looks like i'm just falling!

 here is the rest of the princess drawing i did!
 some of us girls climbed the tree in the front yard 
which was fun :)

me and Essie! after we made it out of the 
tree branches ;)

 after being at Betty and Denny's house for a few
days, we headed out for the lake!
 me and Emily! 

 looks like Mary's trying out a flip or something!
it's so gorgeous! 

 Emily, sitting out reading and tanning/ burning!
got some fishing done at the lake but
no one ever caught a fish! i only caught a fish
in the pond back at the house!

Nat and Paul after a long day swimming.
 little jimmy, eating his snacks and keeping
watch on the swimmers!

 these two pretty ladies!
annnnd... them two! 

and this is what they were doing before Mary yells
"MOUSE!!!!" and everyone heads for couches, table seats, anything 
they could get themselves on top of!!!
thankfully i was at the end of the camper away from the stove
which was where the mouse fled for shelter!!

that is it for part one!
who's excited for Christmas??
I AMMM!!!!!!!



Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Bedroom Decor - 2014


so, I've decorated my room for Christmas!!
it just looks so marvelous ;)
i love this time of year so much, and i have been drawing
and making gifts in my room alot lately 
so i wanted to decorate it since i spend
alot of my evenings in there!

so i did! i got a set of 35 white lights at Joanns for $1.99! (they were
on sale!) and they ended up being longer than i thought which was good!

the strand of lights couldn't reach
my bed (top of a triple bunk-bed!)
so i put them down at the end where i draw
and often read!

but.... i got a tensile, snow flaky, glittery garland thingy
to hang in my bed!
and it goes perfectly with
the pink wall ;)

and than i had a 2  christmasy looking sock monkeys
that i set around! and than i added
3 gold tealight candles to the
top of me and Esther's dresser on the bookshelf!

and i added that red bow on the wall!

and i had a mini stocking in my room from
a few years ago, so i bought another tiny one and
put them up for me and Esther!

that is all! i hope you enjoyed it!



Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fall pictures - pt2 2014

ok, so winter is coming up (and
we've already had some snow!) so
i decided i should post these last few pictures!
enjoy :D

ok, that is all i have =D the rest
are snow pictures!!!

the snowfall's we've had have been lovely!!
i was outside doing my school one afternoon (yes i had a jacket, blanket slippers etc!)
and all of the sudden there's snow falling all around me!
and then the next afternoon i went running in the snow which
was marvelous! (i run better when its cold!).
looks like we may actually have snow for
 Christmas!! which is the best... right?!!!