Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Bedroom Decor - 2014


so, I've decorated my room for Christmas!!
it just looks so marvelous ;)
i love this time of year so much, and i have been drawing
and making gifts in my room alot lately 
so i wanted to decorate it since i spend
alot of my evenings in there!

so i did! i got a set of 35 white lights at Joanns for $1.99! (they were
on sale!) and they ended up being longer than i thought which was good!

the strand of lights couldn't reach
my bed (top of a triple bunk-bed!)
so i put them down at the end where i draw
and often read!

but.... i got a tensile, snow flaky, glittery garland thingy
to hang in my bed!
and it goes perfectly with
the pink wall ;)

and than i had a 2  christmasy looking sock monkeys
that i set around! and than i added
3 gold tealight candles to the
top of me and Esther's dresser on the bookshelf!

and i added that red bow on the wall!

and i had a mini stocking in my room from
a few years ago, so i bought another tiny one and
put them up for me and Esther!

that is all! i hope you enjoyed it!