Thursday, April 16, 2015

My 15th Birthday

so... back in February, i had a birthday!
i am now 15 years old!! 
as i recall, it was on a Tuesday... but we had my
Birthday celebration on the Monday that lies ahead of
Feb 3rd (Tuesday), because i had ASL class on that

Monday / Feb / 2 / 15

So, for my meal, i picked gyros, roasted broccoli 
& cucumber salad. after that scrumptious 
dinner, I opened my gifts!

this pretty little lady wanted to
 sit with me!

i received a bunch of very thoughtful and lovely 
gifts! my family knows me well ;D

than, it was time for dessert! (the best part!)the dessert i picked 
out was Ice cream sundaes!
because i kinda have a hankering for Ice cream =)

vanilla ice-cream + magic shell + oreo's + gummy bears
= a very tasty treat!

and for my birthday movie, i watched soul 
surfer again with the girls.

Tuesday / Feb / 3 / 15

On all of our birthday's mom will take us out
for a special birthday lunch! 
and since we couldn't celebrate on my real birthday,
we wanted to at least have a birthday lunch
out, on my real birthday! 
& it's always more merry when more people
come along too! so this year Emily came :)

so we went to Casa! one of the best
restaurants ever! (mostly because of all the
family memories we have from there!)
i got the same pasta that I've gotten when we go! 
except, I added tomato's in with the mushrooms!

 and when it's your birthday, there's sure to be cake!

 i cannot tell you HOW many birthday's
we've had this cake! but it is always just a yummy
as last time! you need to go buy yourself some!
your missing out on some of life's finest ;)

and than after that, we did some shopping and a
quick stop to Starbucks!

Wednesday / Feb / 4 / 15

yes... we were STILL celebrating on the 4th!
why not, when you have a bunch of
birthday coupons?!!

I went to Applebee's for lunch with mom & Mary!
and got a hamburger with bacon & swiss, with some sweet
potato fries on the side! after i was finished
our waitress told me i got a free hot fudge sundae because
it was my birthday! of course i had room for
ice cream! 

 and than, mom took me to go see big hero 6 in
theaters! it is SUCH an adorable movie!
and you should watch it...

and we walked out of the theater to a beautiful blanket of white snow 
covering the ground! i couldn't ask for a better celebration!
i am truly blessed!

 Have A Whimsical Day!

Alaina J.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kemerly Christmas - 2014

yes... this post is very late indeed!
but as you may have read on my last post, i had some
difficulty's getting that post up! but
now i'm here and ready to post :)

Christmas is a kinda big thing in my family!
we do a gift exchange between us. so, yes! it's a
name draw :) and last Christmas, i had Kate !!
I've had her once before and she's always 
really fun to get gifts for!

Valerie my little sister had me! (with the help of Emily ☺)
and they did a marvelous job on my gifts!

Me and Faith

reading in front of the tree

my wonderful gifts!

 Isaiah, looken all handsome in his
new English police costume!!

 opening gifts Christmas evening with
the family is one of  the best times of the year!!

 Mary, cousin Kara & Emily playing
a game

yes, it is sad that i only have those pictures
from Christmas! but i didn't want
to be so worried about taking "Enough" pictures ☺
so, i only took a few!

God Bless!

Have A Whimsical Day!

♥  Alaina J. ♥