Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Kemerly Christmas - 2014

yes... this post is very late indeed!
but as you may have read on my last post, i had some
difficulty's getting that post up! but
now i'm here and ready to post :)

Christmas is a kinda big thing in my family!
we do a gift exchange between us. so, yes! it's a
name draw :) and last Christmas, i had Kate !!
I've had her once before and she's always 
really fun to get gifts for!

Valerie my little sister had me! (with the help of Emily ☺)
and they did a marvelous job on my gifts!

Me and Faith

reading in front of the tree

my wonderful gifts!

 Isaiah, looken all handsome in his
new English police costume!!

 opening gifts Christmas evening with
the family is one of  the best times of the year!!

 Mary, cousin Kara & Emily playing
a game

yes, it is sad that i only have those pictures
from Christmas! but i didn't want
to be so worried about taking "Enough" pictures ☺
so, i only took a few!

God Bless!

Have A Whimsical Day!

♥  Alaina J. ♥