Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fall church camping trip - 2014

I'm finally going to post 
my Fall church camping trip pictures!
although i was only there for a day and a half!
we went to Indiana dunes (where we always go on our
fall camping trips!). i must say it is one of my favorite campgrounds
(if not my very favorite!).

i must admit i was very bad at taking pictures this
trip so i have hardly any!

when we arrived on Friday night people were all gathered around 
fires or going to bed. but than Grant and 
Hannah decided to take a night hike to the beach with 
whoever wanted to go! so i thought i'd join 
since i had been in the car the  past
2 hours.

so we all set out (most of us in pajamas!) 
with a few flashlights! it was so pretty
at the beach and on top of the dunes with all the
stars! perfect star gazing spot ;)

the beach there is just marvelous! and this time
i was able to go running in the morning :)
that was fun! and i suggest you don't wear 
tennis shoes! i ended up taking them off
within the first minute we were on
the beach! its much easier in bare
feet down by the water! (i don't even know why
i had the crazy idea to wear them in the
first place!!)
Me and Esther

i spent my day walking to and from the beach!
after lunch, me and some of my lovely friends went 
back to the beach, climbed a dune, found a warm sunny
spot in the sand and sat there for a few hours. drawing, talking
and making sand art!

the sailboat i made!

me and Michaela! one of my bestest friends :)
lake Michigan♥ 

 the sunrises  and sunsets are so pretty!

 went to the coolest observation tower
with these ladies!

 yet AGAIN!! i see a large bug
on vacation!

 the tower was only 2 stories tall, but it WAS
already on a dune sooo! it had a great veiw!

 here is Michaela again! such a cutie ☺

 Rebekah, Charissa and I!! too of
my very bestest friends ☺


and so, it was a lovely camping trip and
i can't wait to go back this fall (Lord willing!)

i apologize again for the lack of pictures, but
i didn't always have my phone or my camera with me!

this post has taken a whole month to put together because
i had some problems getting my pictures up! so i WILL
post about Christmas and my birthday... but i wanted to get this post up

i hope you are all doing well!

Have A Whimsical Day...

♥ A L A I N A   J.  ♥