Thursday, February 5, 2015

DIY inspiration wall

today i'm going to show
you how to make an inspiration / photo wall.
it is very easy and way to much fun ;D

what you'll need:

1. magazines 

2. pictures and a photo cutter! (if your
pictures aren't already cut!)

3. washi tape

4. colorful pens

5. scissors 

6. regular scotch tape to hang up most 
of your pictures ( unless you plan on hanging
them all with washi tape!)

so, start by cutting all your pictures than 
all your magazines (anything that inspires you
or a good quote, bible verse, etc.)

than lay all your pictures and words out.
 now you'll need to arrange them how you want them to
be hung up! (it's easier that way!)

than choose a spot on your wall and start taping! 

on my wall, i put the words evenly mixed in
with the pictures so that in one corner i wouldn't have a million
words and than no words on the rest of my wall!

here it is!

artwork from my close friend Hannah!

that marque arrow light is a gift i got
from my friends :)
and those are some of my Disney sketches!

thats it!

i hope you will have fun doing your own!

Have A Whimsical Day!