Saturday, January 31, 2015

January summery - 2015

welcome back!
today i'm gonna share some
pictures and things iv'e been enjoying this January! i can't believe
it's already over! time just fly's too fast these days
it seems like. 

January highlights:

1. taking sign language class with Emily, Mary
and friends!

2. learning thread crochet

3. the snow we've had!

me and natalie

me, Natalie, Isaiah & Paul were all out in
the snow and i don't know why it was so funny 
but we were dying of laughter because
of how big these snowflakes were falling!
they were JUMBO clusters of snowflakes!
if you looked up it looked SO cool, but of course 
the snow would fall in our eyes!

these cotton candy clouds are so pretty!
especially with the snow!
God creates such beauty :)

yet another beautiful sunset!

and another ;)

4. hot tea and hot coco ;D

5. redecorating my wall!
(there will be a post on that!)

6. doing some DIY's  (posts on some of
these too!)

7. starting a new bible plan

8: doing school at the library with Emily!

9. getting letters and art from friends!

10. movie nights with friends ;)
(and a bit of silliness involved!)

thats it guys!

more coming soon :D

Have a whimsical day!

*Alaina Josephine