Saturday, January 10, 2015

Alabama Trip - Summer 2014 - pt. 2

hello everyone!
its been a while ;) happy new year!!
i'm finally posting part 2 of our family vacation to
Alabama, at the end of last summer...

the mornings out on the lake are the
very best!

me and Valerie.

Paul just loved jumping off the dock
over and over and over again!

Natalie and I...
(getting used to the water!)

Paul. chillen with all the extra noodles!

Isaiah finally got Valerie to jump off
the dock, but it took alot of convincing from 
me Emily and Isaiah! 

a drawing i did n the dock while drying
off for lunch!

here are some pictures Mary took
of me, jumping off the dock...

 don't exactly know what i was trying to do here!

 this one looks like i'm hang-gliding on
the noodle!! 

a cannon ball that finally worked!

me and Emily took a kayak ride ( on a one person kayak!)
around the lake when the sun was setting...
it was SO so so gorgeous! 

the sunsets on the top of the mountains are
extra pretty! (if you didn't notice!)

Esther was doing it paddle board style! that made it
a little harder to balance!

she finally decided to sit down
after some boat shaking! 

this little cutie!

so, right before we left the lake...
some jumbo rain clouds started gathering over the lake!
but on the left it looks all bright and happy!

me and Knox...

 me and Carson, right before we left. (it was slightly sunny!)

thats all my Alabama pictures!
hope you enjoyed them!
it is VERY difficult to take pictures on lake vacations
because we swim basically all day and i don't like
having my phone or camera on the dock
unless i'm gonna take it right back up to the
camper, so that's why i don't have very many pictures!

the next vacation i'll be posting is our fall church camping

have a whimsical day!