Thursday, April 16, 2015

My 15th Birthday

so... back in February, i had a birthday!
i am now 15 years old!! 
as i recall, it was on a Tuesday... but we had my
Birthday celebration on the Monday that lies ahead of
Feb 3rd (Tuesday), because i had ASL class on that

Monday / Feb / 2 / 15

So, for my meal, i picked gyros, roasted broccoli 
& cucumber salad. after that scrumptious 
dinner, I opened my gifts!

this pretty little lady wanted to
 sit with me!

i received a bunch of very thoughtful and lovely 
gifts! my family knows me well ;D

than, it was time for dessert! (the best part!)the dessert i picked 
out was Ice cream sundaes!
because i kinda have a hankering for Ice cream =)

vanilla ice-cream + magic shell + oreo's + gummy bears
= a very tasty treat!

and for my birthday movie, i watched soul 
surfer again with the girls.

Tuesday / Feb / 3 / 15

On all of our birthday's mom will take us out
for a special birthday lunch! 
and since we couldn't celebrate on my real birthday,
we wanted to at least have a birthday lunch
out, on my real birthday! 
& it's always more merry when more people
come along too! so this year Emily came :)

so we went to Casa! one of the best
restaurants ever! (mostly because of all the
family memories we have from there!)
i got the same pasta that I've gotten when we go! 
except, I added tomato's in with the mushrooms!

 and when it's your birthday, there's sure to be cake!

 i cannot tell you HOW many birthday's
we've had this cake! but it is always just a yummy
as last time! you need to go buy yourself some!
your missing out on some of life's finest ;)

and than after that, we did some shopping and a
quick stop to Starbucks!

Wednesday / Feb / 4 / 15

yes... we were STILL celebrating on the 4th!
why not, when you have a bunch of
birthday coupons?!!

I went to Applebee's for lunch with mom & Mary!
and got a hamburger with bacon & swiss, with some sweet
potato fries on the side! after i was finished
our waitress told me i got a free hot fudge sundae because
it was my birthday! of course i had room for
ice cream! 

 and than, mom took me to go see big hero 6 in
theaters! it is SUCH an adorable movie!
and you should watch it...

and we walked out of the theater to a beautiful blanket of white snow 
covering the ground! i couldn't ask for a better celebration!
i am truly blessed!

 Have A Whimsical Day!

Alaina J.