Friday, June 5, 2015

♦ S P R I N G // 2 0 1 5 ♦

so... I've been taking bunches
of photos this spring and wanted
to post them... now
some of the trips and events
don't have THAT many photos so
i'm just adding them
into my big spring post(s)...

hope you enjoy them all! it was
so much fun snapping all these pictures ☺

caramel frappe i drew early this spring!

 whenever i have sherbet, she always wants to
have her "own bowl"... she's a big girl
now! and wants us to know it =D

 odd fact: sherbet was invented in the
early 1950's!!

 beautiful blooms,

 babysitting some of my favorite kids and having a picnic 
on the floor cause the bee's were to bad outside!!

 watching the rainstorm...

 some story time before bed!

 all the pretty skies that come with spring...

 planted some green beans, cantaloupe and grapes!
we'll see if i'm a successful gardener!

 Park night with the 5 little's...

climbing the slide all at
once doesn't work oust to well!

static from the slide... always annoying!

 picnic's outside with these ladies!!

annnd.. that was part 1 for ya!
thanks for reading.

Have A Whimsical Day!!!

♥ Alaina J. ♥