Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What i've been knitting!

                                                  Hello everyone,
            these are some pictures of what I've been 
                 knitting over these past two months!
         I took a knitting class with my sister and we
learned how to make gloves. it was such a fun class
      and much easier than i thought it would be!
      (which is always a good thing ;P ).

         and then i was looking for some cute little
       animal to knit for my sister Valerie's birthday,
 and i found this pattern on this blog for adorable little      bunnies that this girl made! (she also knits some          other really cool things!) Here is the link: 

they don't take long at all to make!

well that is all for now! I'll (hopefully) be posting
again soon! thanks for reading ;)
Have a Whimsical day

Josephine ♥