Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"let the snow come down, to cover the ground!"

hello there,
recently we got a lota snow! and we got to go sledding with friends
                        which is a great way to spend a snowy weekend!
and some of us siblings went out one night to play in the snow and
completed 3 snow forts/igloos! which were super fun to make
and play in while they lasted! anyway here are our snow houses
and some cold frosty weather pictures ;)



                                       the sunset was so pretty but I had to stay inside because it was
                                               negative 14! and I didn't want my camera to break ;)

                                                    frosty windows♥

ok and for the snow houses!
here is Isaiah's
                                                 his tunnel goes through!
here is my house! (I had the pictures straight but when I loaded them to my blog
they flipped sideways ='( )

                                                    a nice little stick on top!!!!!
here is the inside! (I never got the time to finish digging it out before it melted!
but I did fit in it ;) so that was good =D)
                                             once you were in it, it seemed gigantic!

here is Emily, Esther and Natalie's tunnel
                                                      and it also had a side room that Esther made!
well that is it! I hope your enjoying your winter (and all the lovely snow!)
have a whimsical day =D