Saturday, March 8, 2014

camping trip with friends! (#MKcandycam)

Hello all,
this past February me and some of my sisters
went on a camping trip with some close friends!
we had a blast spending a few days together playing games, swimming,
eating A TON of candy ;p, watching movies & laughing ourselfs to death!
(OK not quite to death but close;D).
anyway i got some pictures here to share with you all!

our wood burning stove

playing clue!

of course candy (we had a TON more but i didn't get a pic of it all)

me and cole

me, susanna, emily & mary at the indoor water park

us girls bedroom!


Emily stuck in the mirror "help" (jk ;D)

i just love these  doors♥

Emily & Susanna doing a claping/cup song!


look at her hand!!!

there were windows all the way up the back wall of the cabin!

kinda blury ;( but this is the downstairs (& susanna!)

susanna being goofy! 

the super fun water-slide


me and Mary wearing flip-flops in negative 5 weather 

Cole and his minion hat! he is so cute ;)

smile, smile, ooooooooh......!

headed home :( ;D

Emily, Mary, Hannah, Susanna & Me

covered bridge on the way out

brown county state park sign

using different filters!

the walkway outside us girls cabin!

OK, that's all! i hope you enjoyed them all ;)
have a whimsical day♥