Monday, June 16, 2014

our trip to bowlingbrook IL

Hello again!
its been a month (a very busy one!)
since i've last updated my blog! soo i guess 
you're probably wanting me to post something!
here are all my pictures i took when we went to Illinois to visit relatives,
and one of our cousins graduated so we went to celebrate that to!
i had SO much fun!
go check out Emily's blog for more pictures of our trip! (

 me, Paul and Isaiah were bench buddies (Isaiah didn't want to take a picture!)
 just because we love distorted pictures!

 *Duck face*
 annndddd thennn... we got to ride in our uncles
2011 Indy 500 Camaro convertible pace car

 can you tell it was just a little windy?!!!

all of us and our cupcakes!
 and one of our cousins works at a cupcake shop! Miss Joan's Cupcakes 
 i got the cookies-n-cream and it was SO good!
 just riding in the backseat with these cuties!

 she was struggling keeping those sunglasses on! 
they are just so cute together! 

 don't know what exactly she is doing!

we went out to breakfast one morning to Charlie's which was a 
little breakfast place that had windows looking out to this airplane runway
so we saw lots of little planes! and this is the jumbo cinnamon roll i got!
this is me and Emily making fried biscuits for our cousins party!
 than  a few of us girls took a walk and took some
pictures of the sunset! it was way prettier in real life!

 than i did some chalk drawing with the kids!

 and before we left town our aunt took us to Red-Mango
which was so tasty 
 and i just LOVE the lights they had there!
they were so so cool!

that is all i have for this post! i do have sumore pictures but i'll post em later mater!
have a whimsical day!