Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2nd Spoon Lake trip - 2014

i just realized how behind i  am on my summer posts =O
OK, im not TOOO behind!
but i wanted to get these posts done with so i can keep you
updated with all my Fall pics! (which i WILL DO!).
so here are the pictures from our last trip to Spoon Lake in 2014!

let me begin...

with a cinnamon roll!!!
so, the first morning at the lake, we got in a few super Mable rides
but it was looking a little stormy so our aunt and uncle decided to take us
to bishop hill to go walk around instead of just sitting inside
all day!
so very first we all stopped at a old bakery and got a treat!
me, esther and natalie decided to get this cinnamon roll...
an oh my this thing was JUMBO!! but it was also very tasty ;)

 than, we walked to this really old barn/house thingy and went inside.
the downstairs is  all these rooms which used to be houses to
families with 10 or more! and these rooms were not big at all!
they were like the size of a medium-ish sized bedroom!
 than we went upstairs... oh my, it was a huge sanctuary 
where all the people who had lived in this building went to church.
i think it was 2 services every day and like 3 on sunday, and all the 
men had to sit on one side and all the women on the other, so the pews in the 
middle of the room had little devider walls in the middle of them!

 it was so cool! and a very cool place to take pictures!

 and... of course it had the coolest windows ever!!

 and we walked through a garden which
had the most gorgeous flowers in the prettiest colors! (as you can see!)

 i wish i had a would've taken a picture of the whole outside 
of this building. it was so old looking and very cool! (so were 
all the rest of the buildings!)

 me and my Essie-Lou! (she can act a little goofy at times!)

 our aunt took some of us into a candy store...
iit was so cool walking into this old candy store, because
all the candy was in jars with little scoops! and of course we
just HAD to get some... and some old fashioned soda in
old looking bottles to go along with the candy ;D
 this yellow building was Soo pretty and yellow!!
 i got Swedish fish... one of my favorites!

Natalie, Esther, and I at the beach!

the drive home...

got quite a bit of reading done!

and thats all i have of our second trip to the lake this summer
but EmilyMary & mom may be posting some pictures 
of the trip to! i know they got a lot of pictures out
on the water but i never took my camera out unless
we were just going for a ride in the boat!

hope you enjoyed!