Wednesday, January 6, 2016

FALL | 2015 | Favs, Photos, Etc.

This is quite a bit 
later then I had anticipated posting it!
But who says you can't enjoy fall photos in winter?!
Anyway, I got a handful so scroll on and 
enjoy this season throwback :D

One of my FAVORITEST things about
fall is all the beautiful 'fall' hues that we can finally wear
(since summer is all bright and pastel ;D). One Sunday me and Kelsey
happened to be (almost) twinning so we took a moment to 
snap a photo!

 So, back in October a couple sisters and a friend whet to a young people's
conference... They get to have these fancy theme dinners and dress up
so us 'younger' people who didn't go wanted to have a party of our own! So,
Me and Mary decided to age a bit ;D this was too fun! 
we laughed so hard that day when we were getting ready, I had to fix my hair
multiple times. It kept falling out!

Took Valerie out for a photoshoot with a friend on her
birthday (coming soon!). They're the cutest best friends ♥
and their laughter is adorable! 

 I got my first dear magazine... Best magazines ever!

 Some artwork I did (on a leaf!)

I kind of redid my little corner of the bedroom and
redecorated it. I found this frame and decided to use it as a 
dry erase quote board (since I get tired of staring at the same
quotes all the time!)

Got some fairy lights in the target dollar section (Score!!!)

This year has been rain, rain, and more rain... But that's fine cause it
makes for some great photos

ah... the foggy mornings are definitely one of my top
favoritest things from this fall! so beautiful.

Also loved all the frosty mornings too ;)

 So... I like to bike whenever there's no snow on the ground
(If there is snow, i'll be running!) I did freeze my fingers that ride though!
I was used to all my Hilton Head island rides the previous week! 

Was able to 'shadow' my friend photographing another one of my friends 
senior photos which was really fun because I got to go on a random little
adventure with some of my best friends AND the location was beautiful (bonus!) 

Been really fascinated with shadow/ light reflection photos lately and
thought this one was cool! (take a moment to appreciate that mountain of hair on my head :D it takes some time to get it to stay up top like that with it being so long!)

And thanks to Kelsey for letting me borrow these sandals
  almost every day since she bought them! (She did end up giving them to me later on ;D)

Had a few backyard fires (in the fire pit of course!)

I was walking in the house after taking some pictures and
I saw this bright orange thing on my shirt but had to resist shaking it off so
I could take a picture of it first!

Had a billion movie late nights with Emily, Natalie and 
occasionally Esther (it seems like). I've been working on stuff for etsy!
(Emily and I will be opening one soon!). We discovered these sweet potato chips 
that are SO addicting! but their healthier than potato chips so
that's a plus!

I found the I am they band this fall and 
I love every song I've heard from them! Amen is one of my favorites. 
their harmony is amazing.

One morning I made myself go outside in the wet, rainy weather to take pictures
and i'm glad I did! it was so purty outside!

I am so thankful for a friend who let me borrow her Canon powershot for a few weeks
to get used to the Canon system (since I'll be purchasing a Canon in the near future!).
I had so much fun with that camera and I'm SOOO excited to get my own dslr!

So, every day I wasn't borrowing Kelsey's sandals I was wearing my minnetonka moccasins!
Mom found them for me at  goodwill for $8.00 (SCORE!!!!) I was so happy about this find!

Had so much fun with family and friends at our annual church fall camping
trip at Indiana dunes state park.. (post about that coming in several parts!)

This is the first year I've ever been able to capture the moon
and people ACTUALLY be able to tell what it is! got some cool shots!

More rainy days!

You wanna know what a slow/ lazy reader I am?
Ok, I set a goal at the beginning of 2015 to read 15 books. Easy right? (for some of you!)
NO... you wanna know the grand total of the books I read cover to cover?
a whoppin 3 books. Yep! 3!
This year I eased up on myself and set it for 10 books.
I'm currently reading Women of the Word and as a family we're reading Love Does.
I highly recommend both of those books! i've loved them both very much and i'm not even all the way through. 

 Ok. Last favorite of mentioning... my pinterest feed during fall.
It always has such cool, inspiring photos!

That's it! theres still plenty of fall adventures to be posted
but I promise, they're not random photos! it's camping, road trips, photoshoots etc.

Have a whimsical day,