Wednesday, April 19, 2017

HHI family vacation | Nov 2015 | pt.2

Here is the second part of our 
Hilton Head trip back in November 2015.....
Yes, I realize that was a 
LONG time ago but I'm still posting about it 😁

Day 4 > MONDAY 

This has to be one of the happiest ways to spend a morning.

By the ocean, in the sun, spending time w/ God, feeling
the breeze coming in from the ocean, & sitting in the sand.... It was marvelous♥
Emily and I got a tandem for the week which started out as a big
challenge but we got the hang of it and it was great!!

And a plus about riding the back of a tandem is you don't have
to steer so you have your hands to take pictures the whole time :)
(Or take videos)!
Harbor town
tandem partners through all the bumps + curves (literally😄)
We may have had a few little incidents starting out!
Cinnamon bear ice cream 💕
We biked passed Lawton stables so we could pet  the horses
and this was definitely my favorite one! Look at those eyelashes!

Everything is so beautiful in Hilton Head... Especially
all the spanish moss!

Day 5> Tuesday
these were the only photos I could find from this day...😢
But the little stream/ pond they have, has a ton of fish!

Day 6> Wednesday
This is one of the days I lost all the photos from 
(other than a couple on my phone) 
😭 So sad because I had
 pretty great (and memorable) ones!
So enjoy the little I do have! 😁

All of the siblings after the ride to south beach.
Our whole fam biked to the salty dog cafe for lunch and we had a very long wait so we just
went in a few shops and then sat out in the sun and tried to stay warm (since it had been mid 60s - upper 50s and very windy)! We finally got our tables which were on the back deck and we 
all froze from the wind and had to hold everything down that came to our table that
was light enough for 12mph wind to pick up... We ended up laughing all throughout lunch
at all the ways we were coming up with to stay warm and block wind =D... Such as Natalie putting on her (previous purchase of) Salty Dog plaid pajama pants then proceeding to use her skirt for a poncho
over her short sleeves! 😂😂 Lets just say we were quite a sight for our waitress and any people watching from inside!

Day 7> Thursday - THANKSGIVING
Thursday after breakfast several of the kids (And Uncle Todd) went out
for a sandcastle building contest... As you can see, they obviously did a (GIANT) drip castle!
And the boys + Valerie made a little village!

It was such a lovely day but extremely windy when you got out to the beach!
All of us who were part of the Thaksgiving hat contest
 We had to take so many trips from our condos down to the gazebo to get all the
food down there! (And since it was Thanksgiving I bet you can understand
how much food we had to bring down!)

First thanksgiving picnic we've ever had... It was fantastic!

After being on the beach for our first photoshoot my hair was a HUGE rats nest 😄
That wind does somthin awful to long hair when its down!

 And... I kinda missed the sunset due to eating a later meal but I was able to catch a little horizon glow. 👏

Day 8> Friday
When you go for a morning stroll and its high tide, you run through all the
sea foam and get your sweatpants all wet + sandy (and fill the dryer with sand later) =D
annnnd... you find creatures! 
Like.... Look at all this white, fluffy, bubbly stuff. Its so great!
Like...I seriously love sea foam! 💕🌊
 We biked to harbor town again & most of the family came this time.
  I loved this photo of us siblings and then realized we're missing Natalie...
whoops! didn't think that through. 😬🙈
 Did I already mention how beautiful this place is?!
Climbed the lighthouse for my second or third time. It's definitely a must do in Hilton Head!
 view from the lighthouse

 Esther and I waiting for family photos
As you can probably tell, It took us a while to get a good one (and no... This isn't one of them ;D)
Our late night dashes to the ocean after watching a movie (or two) was something I loved!
It was nice and dark with a lot of breeze... very refreshing!

Ok... Thats all the photos I can remember!
I'm sure there's more I missed but this post has been sitting 
in drafts TOO LONG!!!! it's finally going up!
Enjoy :D

Have a whimsical day!