Thursday, April 10, 2014

thirty day drawing challenge *Part 3*

             OK here are the last of my #thirtydaydrawingchallenge 
day 26: something you don't like...
Ritz Flip-side Pretzel crackers

day 27: someone you love

day 28: anything you'd like...
A Rottweiler♥ 

day 29: A place you want to go...
Disney Land!

day 30: A Congrats Banner for Completing this Drawing Challenge!
this is too one of my Closest Friends (my MLT) Michaela for doing this
drawing challenge the whole way through with me =D
we had a blast doing it together!

that is all for that drawing challenge! who knows when i'll do another;)
but i will still post pictures of random drawings and sketches!
which drawing was your favorite out of all of them??
have a whimsical day!