Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trip to Great Grandma's // MI

Hi there,
yup... i'm finally posting it!
(i may do more than 1 post for it cause i think i have allot of
we had a great time with our great grandma, 3rd cousins & aunts an uncles!
the highlights of this trip were the
*(of course) crossing the Mackinaw bridge!
*greased watermelon race (in the lake!) 
*cleaning rooms at great uncles hotel with Emily, Mary & cousin Hailey!
*driving grandmas John Deere gator around the lake
*playing jumbo games of monkey in the middle!
*splashing wars in the lake
*fire & s'mores!
*sparklers and fireworks on the lake (doesn't get any better, other
than the mosquito's!) 
*dressing up as clowns (which you'll soon see =D) 

OK, i guess i should probably show you pictures now!
 these were the crazy backseat riders!
 there was this building with a giant hot dog on top!
 the shore of lake Michigan  
 the water is the coolest color!
 the bridge♥ best part of the drive
 its so cool how it gets way way darker in the deep part!

`Michigan's upper peninsula`

me, mary, esther, natalie, isaiah, paul, valerie and kelsey all shared
the upstairs bedroom! i got the bottom bunk 

 she has thee coolest windows ever!
 faith as a little clown
 who is that?? oh ya its me!
 mary and isaiah!
 Emily as idk who
 faith as a bunny now!
 can you tell who this is?... yup that's natalie
 james the cute l'il pirate 
 yup its me again, trying out some black hair for a change!
 weirdo selfie much?!!
 emily is the funniest looken granny i ever did see!
 she even takes selfies 
 now im old... grey hair, no teeth (hehehehheehe)
 we had ice cream sundaes all da time!
 these were the prettiest flowers ever! idk what they
are called but i love them:)
 wild flowers, there were to many to count!

 i wouldn't mind living here!

 i foud quite a few dragonflies but this was the
only one that sat still long enough for me to take a picture!
 there were some strawberry plants that had some ripe 
strawberry's so i decided to pick the few there were!
 this was my complete bouquet of wild flowers

 this is the kitchen

 dinning room
and family room! 
this is up in the bedroom! we watched a couple movies up there
best sunsets ever... but way to many mosquito so this was
taken from inside! 
 she has the cutest mugs! (this was my favorite:D)
 i tried a new tea/drink...delish! 
lake Huron!  
 me and mry
Emily taking us kids out for a ride in the gator  
 emily, faith & mary
 james and valerie
his face! 


me and essie  
 nope, she had no idea i was taking a picture of her :-P

 OK they have the most priceless faces ever, ever!

 goin for a swim
taken a little walk 

 it was a little sunny dontcha think!
 an odd bug i found!

we picked wild flowers all the time! 

the lake house 
 my wildflower-picken-partner

 Emily made a flower crown...tehehehe
 makin s'mores 

dem 2 cuties  

 so serious 
 looks like shes gonna burst of excitement!

the night i decided to step outdoors to capture this lovelyness, i get 10 more mosqito bites on
my left leg from knee down where i already had six!.... that is sixteen =O *itch,itch,itch* 

 me and my main man james!

my attempt at toothless in the sand! 

got to take my lovely sisters for a ride!
i guess they trust me=) 
me and Kelsey ( my instructor!) 
 yup, she likes to take selfies on my phone!
 s'mores on the 4th of july!

 and sparklers

 lake front fireworks = a million more mosquito bites! 

to much cuteness 

 me and great grandma Carmen 
 and we meet again Mackinac bridge, but this time with a nice little rainstorm

thats all =)