Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Spoon Lake trip - 2014

hey there!
 yup its been like almost a month since last time i posted but
we went on another trip to spoon lake IL, to see our aunt get baptized
at there lake home! it was our second time there this summer☺
but im posting the pictures from our first tip this summer!

 me and Mary before we left!
 there were the prettiest clouds ever! we drove under these 
ginormous rain clouds!

 always my crazy bench partner ;)
 me and Emily did each others nails the night before we left!
Emily did flowers, stripes & polka dots on mine and i
did two clouds (one with a bow!) and polka dots! i had this whole
creative idea but... one little smudge and poof ... weird nails instead!
 me and Mary just like taking pictures before swimming:)

 this is our aunts dog (also named maggie)!
she is the cutest sweetest dog!
the boys down by the lake!
 pure happiness...
 aunt Kathleen took some of us girls for a 
boat trip around the lake!
she is just a downright cutie!

saw these beautiful clouds♥

 every single time we go to the lake
we always have icy pops! the best☺

 talking the evening away (waiting for others to arrive!)

 i stayed up with Emily and cousin Sarah to sit on the front patio
and wait for the arrival of the rest of the fam an i saw this bug and
about screamed! its like something you would see in the zoo in a glass display
case! it was as hard as a rock (its beetle wing thingys that is!).
 me and Kate took the kayaks out for a ride!

me an kate went back to the house after kayaking to check
on the dogs and than take em swimming!
Valerie, Truly & Faith playing war in the yard!
dad and James playing a game!
 corn hole tournament we had... it was Kelsey and cousin Sarah 
against Hannah and Grant 

 Hannah and Grant against Isaiah and Paul!

 yes, Hannah and Grant won the first round
than they were up against me and natalie, they won
again soo... Kate and Mary stepped up!
and after it all, they won! but we rarely practice soooo....
ya... ;)

 Kate, Maggie Truly and Emily
 this little cutie waiting to go to the lake!

 we had a nice cloudy jetski ride!
 Truly and I
 Valerie (her mouth is full of carrots!)

 this is what the 2 little's liked to do after lunch!

 Esther and Grant
 Emily and I!

 there was SO MUCH seaweed... and it was really funny to get some in your hands 
and go put it on someones shoulder and watch there reaction! ( most of them were 
not very pleased! oops :D)
 Mary taking the girls out for a ride!

 us girls...
 all of the kids at the cabin!
 me and Sarah! ( ignore the magnificent hair ;D)

annnnddd we headed home after some VERY fun filled days!
we are so blessed to have such wonderful relatives to visit!

super Mabel pictures may come later!!!!

thats all...
have a whimsical day☺

Alaina Josephine