Monday, September 29, 2014

Summer // 2014 - what I've been up to

hi there friend!
OK, so I've been keeping you all updated with the vacations 
i went on this summer but not so much what I've been up to
when were at home! i think this is the busiest summer i can remember!
it seems like we were rarely home (which is mostly true!). but it was an amazing summer
i must tell ya! 
soo i'll start you off with these gems that i get to babysit!
we do love to dress up (if you couldn't tell already!)

 i got to eat dinner with my little soldier James, Paul George Washington and two lovely 
princesses Valerie and Faith! Natalie was our wonderful chef! 

if you know me at all, you might know biking is
one of my favoritest and bestest things to do!and i
did plenty of it before my bike broke! but i have a marvelous sister 
who let me barrow hers a LOT! thank you Mary!
 i also started running more frequently than i typically do!
(i like running in winter better tho!).
i had some great partners with me sometimes!
 i enjoyed all the lovely rainstorms that came our way! 
 and... of course I've been drawing!

 one evening i went for a   run when the sun was setting...
 it was beautiful =D
God sure creates the prettiest masterpieces!

 we had our friend Donald come for a visit an
us older girls and mom treated him to Debrands for the first time!
 than we walked around the outdoor mall and took selfies with
some hats!
 been babysitting this happy, funny, adorable girl
who is 2 now! shes growing so fast :)

 she is to much cuteness!

and so that's some of what I've been doing! more will be

have a whimsical day!