Monday, November 9, 2015

Independance day | July 2015

So... Don't get too excited 
yet but I'm almost caught up with my posts :D *Happy dance*
But that's beside the point of this post!

This past independence day was a blast!
we spent it at home with our grandparents.
We played corn-hole (one of my personal favorites!)
had a water balloon fight, ate good food
and watched fireworks off the
roof of the fifteen passenger van, downtown!

I didn't make it too far in the tournament :o !!!

 There was even a little audience! 

 Little Jimmie just learned how to ride without training 
wheels this July! so he was on his bike zipping around!!

 Just some of the balloons for the fight :)

 ='D This girl cracks me up! after our water balloon fight
she decided to put on her footie pajamas!!

For dessert I didn't feel like eating ice-cream
but I'm ALWAYS in the mood for fruit so I ate frozen raspberries
and a banana with magic shell on top!

 She doesn't really prefer to look at the camera...

 The fireworks were fantastic! Always such a joyous occasion. 

And us rooftop sitters :) 
we even had big brown paper bags filled w/ popcorn!

I'm so thankful for all the men and women who
fought for America's freedom and the ones who are still defending 
this country. We are so blessed but take SO much for granted...
May God continually bless this nation.

Have a whimsical day,