Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Summer Adventures | June - July 2015

This is going to be a BIG summer
post! full of all the adventures and stuff
I did this summer. (well, I may do 2 posts)
WARNING: plenty of photos await!!!

Summer flew by so fast this year... I think
it was because of all the rain we had, we weren't
able to be outside as much!
But I still had PLENTY of fun =D

Cedar Point / May

yes it was back in spring but there's only a few
photos! It was my first trip there and I went with A
great group of people! my dad, two sisters,
and two of my best friends.
it was a very windy day causing some of the high rides to be
closed for the day. but I still had an awesome time!
My favorite roller coasters are probably the Maverick and the
Rougarou (IDK if those are spelled right!)
one of the most thrilling rides that we kept finding our way back
to was this giant GIANT swing with only provided you w/ a
lap belt... you felt like you were gonna splat like an egg on
the cement below, except you never did ;) it was such
a thrilling ride... It was more thrilling to me than the roller coasters!

got a funnel cake at the end of the day to stuff
ourselves before dinner ;)

the wind wanted to be in the picture too!

In Step / Summer Camp / June

So, I guess camp was right before summer officially
started but I'll pretend it was already summer!

Mary and I were so blessed to be able to go

to the In Step cmap. I learned so much
over the course of 3 1/2 days.
It was so amazing to see the work
the Holy Spirit was doing in and through
everyone. I made many wonderful friends!

Me and Adriana on our way to camp!

these are the tents/ cabins we stayed in!

 It was a pretty view waking up to the woods!
Our before bed quiet time was lit by one little light bulb in
the middle of the tent! it was good most of us brought lights ;)

 the first morning I had quiet time down by the pond.
it was beautiful!

Cassidy and I.
I was so glad she was in the same cabin since
I didn't really know anyone else in our tent yet!

as you saw up a few photos, there was a pond! which meant SWIMMING!
plus boating and the rope swing :)

 Hannah is such a sweetie :) so we were in
the same cabin / tent!

I had already seen Emily before but I
never really knew her! She has an awesome
sense of humor and I am so glad I was able to
get to know her.

we weren't supposed to have our phones out and we were so
busy with everything that I didn't have time to 
run and go get my camera out to get pictures with all the 
wonderful girls I met! My cabin leaders were Jessica and Rebecca.
they were A+ leaders =D they taught me a lot and were
so kind to all us girls. I couldn't have asked for better leaders!

ATI conference / Nashville TN / June

Me and Emily were bench buddies...
and you've always gotta get that awkward road trip
selfie!! (as it seems I do it a lot =O)

we stayed in condos which are huge compared to fitting
us all into 3 hotel rooms! the view was cool too.

one morning I was out on the balcony with the little kids while
some of the fam was still getting ready. Faith was just talking &
talking looking all cute of course so I snapped some photos of her!

her little smile + big personality is like... over the top!

 I had a great team! and my leaders were so sweet... it was a great 3 days!

 the sessions are always one of my favorite parts!
so many good speakers and so many notes;)
I learn so much within 3 days it feels like a week or two!
but the choir is just.... Its truly beautiful!

I'm always so blessed coming home from the conference and
taking all I've just learned and applying it to everyday life!
and it's so great to be able to spend those days 
surrounded by other large families who are home schooled
and love the Lord! Those days don't come very often!

Indiana Beach / June

so for the past 3 or 4 years we've gone to Indiana Beach
because we discovered that the home school group we're in has a 
day that's kind of like a 'home school day' there!
It's lots of fun to go with most of the family and some friends.

After going to cedar point, it was weird being at a 'tiny' amusement
park! but I did the double shot at the back of the park
for my first time and screamed the whole time!
it really isn't that high but the speed you go flying up makes 
you feel like your headed for mars in that split second!
it was great ;)

First 5K / July

So, back in July I finally did my first 5k.
I did no 'training' before hand though... I'm too sophisticated  to
stick to a plan! It was pure misery. It was a rather hot sticky morning!
me and running in hot weather don't belong together ;)
The only plus is that I got to do it alongside one of my friends!
until close to the end when I thought I was gonna puke & told them to 
go on without me! I walked until the last stretch than put on a full sprint
(those are my personal favorite!). I got 22 place out of 50 and my 
time was 36 minutes (12 minute mile... not to neat!)

These are the peeps I went with! Adriana (peeking out behind me)
& Stewart (orange shirt) were my running partners for about 2 & 3/4s of A mile!
and they were great pacing themselves... so they were great to be with 
since I tend to wanna fly ahead and run myself tired & not
being able to finish.

yep, these photos are before we're all a huge sweaty mess =D

Random adventures!

We have the sweetest neighbor who puts her
pool up each summer mainly for us kids!
so you could usually find the kids at the pool if
we didn't have other plans!

One evening me and Mary went for a run at the
track and the sunset was very cool.

It was followed by a bunch of heat lightning also cool!

 Playing dollhouse with some of my favoritest kids =D

I was out running one evening and was surprised by the sudden change
in the weather! it was a lovely evening w/ pink clouds scattered
across the sky and when I was probably just halfway into my run
the wind picks up rapidly causing me to run awkwardly
by it pushing me! these huge dark clouds were rolling in speedily
and I decided to pick up my pace not knowing what was coming our way!
everybody I passed were just staring at me like 'What weirdo would
go running in this weather?' !!!  I rounded the corner and I saw a
minivan driving by I thought 'hmm, that looks like our van!' and
sure enough it was Kate coming to rescue me :) literally as soon as I
got in the van it started pouring down rain! it was on of my
most thrilling runs I must say!

Went strawberry picking as usual!

Went adventuring with my friends

and got ice-cream :D

 Went on a walk w/ Emily and took pictures
almost the whole time!

It was always a blast when Mary came to pick
me up from jobs because we always went to dairy sweet 
afterwords and got hooked on the black raspberry soft 
serve ice-cream... if you ever get the chance to go there, get
it! your taste-buds won't be disapointed =D

Got a skateboard from a garage sale and
tried it out a few times! but it's old so the wheels aren't 
very slick! (aka, it goes really slow!)

Chick-fil-A // Cow appreciation day // July

We all dressed up like cows and went to chick-fil-a
for free lunch! you NEVER turn down that ;)

Natalie and Isaiah

we also got ice-dream! because it is the best soft serve
out there (that I've had so far!)

Me and Esther

Near the end of summer our friend Hannah came to visit

and I was able to go along with her and Mary for Mary's Sr photoshoot.
It was so cool watching her work her 'magic'!!
and afterwords we went and got chick-fil-a for dinner ;)

 Went to the zoo once this summer with
the family I get to babysit now =D they're all
sweeties! I love being able to work for some of the best
families out there! Plus, who gets to go to the zoo for work?!!

  It was a happy day when the summer weather started to cool
down and windows were able to be open (It's my favorite!)

I've always been a huge fan of nachos (& mexican food)!
but this summer I've invented so many different kinds
and I literally ate them ALL the time!
These nachos are guacamole chips with bacon bits,
cheddar cheese, Franks red hot buffalo wing sauce than
its heated & I topped it with taco sauce and sour cream!
Me and Paul always joke and say we're gonna open
a nacho shop one day because we are both
very passionate about our nachos ;)

Grabill Days street fair / August
 Emily, Mary and I went to Grabill days street fair
for our first time with friends and had a great time!

A few of us got our first hennas! I got
a little elephant matching my friend Susanna.

 I also got my first apple cider slushie ♥♥♥

No shortage of photos for this post ;)
Hope your summer was excellent too! 
Have a whimsical day...