Friday, October 23, 2015

MI trip | May 2015

so, back in May
our great grandma decided to
move out of her lake house. so we were 
asked if a few of us would want to come down 
and help pack up. we decided that Mary
Esther and I would go.

I'm a big road trip fan so I was so excited!

 Esther and I... and all our sleeping bags!

 got some reading done!

 for dinner our grandpa took us to this pizzaria 
that he used to go to when he was in highschool!
it tasted amazing! but when isn't pizza amazing? ;)

 Mary got to drive over the Mackinac bridge for the first time!
glad I got to experience that :)

 we got there just in time to see the sunset!
but before you exit the backdoor to get pictures you have to
be fully aware that when you go back in, you'll most likely have 
a gazillion mosquito bites! but it's worth it!

 of course, me and Esther went out to
pick flowers... 

 I even found some of my favorite flowers!

 I love trips to MI because you drive through the woods
a lot and they're always beautiful whether it be 
the colors changing in fall or the trees bright green during spring.
God's creation always fascinates me!

 on our way home as tradition leaving MI,
we got mackinaw city fudge, caramel apples,
popcorn and caramels! 

 it was rainy and beautiful!
I think I slept the majority of the ride home!

It was very sad knowing that, that may be our last time 
at trout lake, but I'm grateful I got to be part of
the moving crew and help grandma settle in her new house.

Have a whimsical day,