Friday, October 16, 2015

Annual Spring Church Camping | April 2015

yes, i still have more spring posts. =O
but i'm trying to get em all up soon! for our
annual spring church camping, we
went to Brown County State Park... our second time there.
it's a beautiful place! 

Valerie and I were back bench buddies.

 that exciting moment when you finally arrive!

 I shared  a tent with Emily and Mary the first
night... we got soaked from the rain so our friends
 shared their DRY tent with us!

 all the little adventures my friends and I went on... the highlight!

 lilacs have a thing for smelling great! 

 it's always nice when your sisters let you ride their 
bikes around the campground! (s/o to Mary =D)

 Michaela... being
all adventurer like on our evening stroll!

 my photos don't do the beauty any justice...

 the next day, Susanna and I had been hiking with a 
group but were quickly left behind to go off trail and explore!

 trees like these ♥

didn't get the full view because there were
a buncha climbers up top!
(as you may see their feet!)

 campfires + marshmallows ...

 Saturday was a cold rainy morning, so 
we went and sat in the lodge all morning doing
bible study and each others hair!

 after we had gone back and had lunch, Me, Anna and Charissa
were tired of being cooped up inside all morning so we
decided to hike in the rain... which lifted shortly after we
headed out!

 found some of my favorite flowers.
always a plus!

 on Sunday after everyone had packed up, a bunch of us girls 
decided to take a hike.

 after our hike, we didn't have a ride! so we had to start walking
and it was a VERY long walk! some of the girls got picked up 
but I stayed with Kate and Maggie... Kate didn't want
Maggie dirtying anyone's car with all her mud and hair!
so we finally got picked up by dad when we had
finally made it in sight of the campground!

 and... we were homeward bound! the sad part...

so... we just got back from our Fall trip to the dunes and I
have many photos from it! but summer posts are first!

Have a whimsical day!