Saturday, September 26, 2015

Spring Break // 2015 - Pt.3

I'm back!
I didn't forget about this last spring break post
(Yayyy! finally!). now I can start getting
other summer posts up and get caught up to where
I'd like to be! but first...

Day 6...

so, before we needed to leave for stone Mt. I
got some of my stuff packed up so I wouldn't have to
do it all the next morning! than
I helped pack lunch.

we had a little picnic before we climbed!

 there's the skyline of Atlanta!

afterwords we were all drenched in sweat so
we stopped and got icey's!! basically just got a bunch
of flavors mixed! because why not?

we went back to Hannah's house and
got cleaned up and ready to go out for dinner!
we waited for maybe half an hour to an hour
because Marietta diner gets so packed!

I got a steak filet panini sandwich
& sweet potato fries... I was stuffed after
a little bit! I had already eaten appetizers!

then.... we got baklava cheesecake!
it is SUCH a brilliant combination &
tastes way too good!

day 7...

after packing up & STUFFING the car to the 
max, we went to krispy kreme for 
a breakfast of warm fresh doughnuts ♥

than we went on a quick
shopping trip to get birthday gifts...
and then we were homeward bound!

had a stuffy, no feet room, shoulder to shoulder
ride home with these crazies in the back seat!

we survived the the drive home and had
some great laughs too!

so grateful I was able to be a last minute joiner 
to the road trip! I had a blast and
couldn't have asked for better travel companions!
Kelsey is a great ringleader for a trip!
Natalie and Valerie were great fun have along
because whenever we were waiting to go somewhere 
or waiting on someone, we'd take distorted pictures,
paint nails or just pester each other!

hope you survived through these posts with patience ;)
I hope to improve a steady pace of posts!

Have A Whimsical Day,


P.s. did you notice the new look?!!