Sunday, September 20, 2015

Spring Break // 2015 - Pt. 2


so... I said it'd be 'soon' but that
word really stretches sometimes in my vocabulary... =D

Day 3...

so on Tuesday morning Hannah
wasn't feeling too fabulous  
so we got a late start on the day and finally decided
to go rock climbing! (boy was I excited!)

When we walked in, i looked up and saw these
HUGE rock walls and i said "i'm gonna climb that one!"
pointing  to a rather easy looking one... (so i thought).
when we got our harnesses on, the instructor
told us all about the rock walls we'd seen
when you walk in. than he led us
back to this smaller room... the walls were
quite a bit shorter and looked like
cake! and you didn't need
someone to assist you down below.
so it looked to me like it was only for little kids!
but nope, it was for all beginners.
so I went and clipped myself in and started climbing.
I honestly don't think i even made it halfway
without getting myself in a pickle.
I probably did that about 5 times before making it all the
way up! but it was such a victorious feeling when achieved!
and than i thought... ' I can ONLY imagine how
much harder those walls are out there!' and I was grateful 
for the short but rather challenging 'beginner' walls!
  and I tell you, the shoes pinch your toes and
look like elf feet or something!
I had a ton of fun tho and can't wait to go again!

afterwards we went to chick-fil-A and
had a tasty lunch. and Atlanta has some really
awesome looking houses so we drove around
all afternoon looking at them!

Day 4...

yet again, we had a late start on the morning
because of the late night we'd had! 

after like 15 minutes of questioning where
to go for lunch, we finally decided
on twin smokers BBQ... when can you 
ever go wrong with BBQ?!!

so me and Kelsey got macaroni and cheese,
coleslaw and pulled pork.
they had a tray of BBQ sauces on the
table! more flavors than I even  knew there was!
it was absolutely delicious! 

the seats were barstools with old tractor seats!

than we went over to the Atlanta Georgia
aquarium! those are teenie tiny sea horses! 

my first time riding and electric sidewalk (whatever 
you'd call it!) it went through this glass tunnel 
that was under this huge tank with
 sharks, stingrays & all manner of fish!

it was very hard to get any sort of
decent picture of the dolphins on my phone
because they move so fast and
the tank was very green!
but we got to see a dolphin show so
that was cool!

afterwords we walked through 
centennial olympic park and rode a ferris wheel 
overlooking atlanta ish! considering most the buildings 
were way taller ;D

Natalie & I

and.... we went to this really cool
italian gelato/ ice cream place
and i got espresso gelato! it tasted
Day 5...

the only morning I had coffee...thanks to
Hannah for making it =D

by Thursday, we needed to go out and get more 
groceries so we did that before anything else.

for lunch Hannah made us turkey burgers
and we put bacon, swiss & avocados on them.
they were... Mmm... so good!

after lunch we headed over to 'the square' 
and were planning on getting bubble tea
but realized that the tea shop wasn't 
open yet! so we went over to cool beans
and I got a mango pineapple smoothie!
it was so refreshing in the humid weather.

it was such a cool coffee shop! 

 and we decided to walk around the square
while we decided what to do.
so we stopped at a boutique with
overpriced clothes just for fun! but I found 
a really pretty cream beanie in the clearance section
so that was cool! than we went into this
store with old looken stuff and homemade 
soaps, root beer and a bunch of other stuff.
we went upstairs and there was an art gallery!
it was so cool!

we came out and the sky looked like rain
so we decided to go thrift shopping
 because that's always a great idea (in my opinion)!! 
and sure enough we came out of the
thrift store into pouring rain!

for dinner I grilled hot dogs on a charcoal grill
for the first time! and made macaroni
& cheese. than us girls watched a movie
and ate banana cream pie &
chocolate pudding dessert.

ok.. only 2 more days to post about so bear with me!
I'm hoping to do a little makeover to my blog in
the next few days i hope!

Have A Whimsical Day,