Friday, July 31, 2015

Spring Break // 2015 - Pt. 1

well, Hello!

so, this spring break
Kelsey, Natalie, Valerie and I
road-tripped down to Georgia to visit
my sister Hannah (who  was on her spring break too!)


yes........ I kinda brought alotta sweets! what's a roadtrip

 ya... I did pack school... just because!
(and i never ended up doing it!)

day 1...

 this picture does no justice to the
beautiful sunrise we got to drive through!!

 me and Kelsey (and Natalie's peaking out back there!)


 of course we took a Starbucks stop!
and i just HAD to get a caramel frappe!!

 Valerie and Natalie, the crazy back-seaters!!

 ah... the feeling when you drive through the mountains!
i just really love mountains ☺

 later in the trip, i treated Natalie, Valerie and myself to
a chocolate frosty from Wendy's! 

when we got closer to her house there were these fully
bloomed, gorgeous trees!!

 for dinner Hannah took us to a pizza place. it was SO, so
delicious! we had a mushroom, spinach, Italian sausage, mozzarella pizza!

 than, to add more sugar to our day, we
went to a cute little ice cream shoppe and i got
coffee, Oreo ice cream... mmm... must i even mention 
how good it was?!!

day 2...

on our way to Atlanta to pick up Grant from
the station!

 look how adorable this little lady is!!

 city of Atlanta

 we stopped at Varsity for lunch on our way out of  Atlanta.
i got a hot-dog and onion rings!

 and when Starbucks has a happy hour for frappuccinos, sign me up!
and.... you can probably guess what i got!

 that evening, me and valerie went out in
Hannah's backyard, sat on a blanket up on the hill
and drew for a while! watching the sunset & the moonrise...
such a beautiful sky our creator has made!

 my little artist friend!!

 her little beanie ♥

thats all for this post! more will be up soon (i hope!)

Have A Whimsical Day,