Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fall Festival | Oct 2015

Back when I was younger and practically 
lived out in the backyard playing 'town', us little kids
would get the yard all tidied up, set up games, make a stage
and come up with little skits to act on that stage,
make cool looking dishes and platters of food (which were better
for looks, considering we never did want to try
our 'berry pie', dandelion soup and more!...).
It was a fall festival and when we finally got it all up and ready 
we'd go ask older sisters to come out to our festival
that we'd been preparing for so long.
A few did attend and our dear friend Jessica
was even at our house when we had one so she got to see
one of our skits which happened to be one
I don't even know how I came up with...
it included rubbing wet mud all over my arms and 
face to make me look tanner! and it was NOT
fun to get off :D It somehow was a lesson
that you should be grateful with whatever color skin God
has given you!  All that to say...
this past fall the kids had been spending an unusual 
amount of time out back... It was fine with me
because that just meant more quiet time!
Sure enough, they had been preparing for a bigger, better
festival. They even had my dad run to the store to get
REAL prizes for the games! they made REAL food too &
even invited our grandparents over for the festivities.
Yep, they even had a fire going! they planned 
it all so well for only being ages 11 to 4!

Here are some photos from the evening...

Isaiah posting up signs.

 The rehearsal :) 

this girl is a nut! she cracks me up :D

bobbing for apples,

ring toss,

wagon rides,

leaf pile to slide into,

And a dog who wanted to steal all the treats they had!

It was a beautiful evening but it was still quite chilly!

these were greatly used!

All lit and ready for the show... It was lovely all glowing like that!
but I was afraid those candles would start a fire:)

Valerie did a little opera for us, 

Paul did some tap dancing,

& Faith was a ballerina! ♥

It was a fantastic festival and I can't wait too see what they come up
with this fall :)

Have a whimsical day,