Sunday, March 20, 2016

Valerie | Photoshoot | Nov 2015

On Valerie's 8th birthday 
a while back we went out before dinner to
get some photos. Her best friend
Geneva was staying with us so she wanted to come too!

I got some really cute shots of the two
of them. they're both such cutie pies!!

 The girl behind the camera with me... She's quite good at making Valerie laugh. 
She was very helpful to have :D
 Aren't they just the cutest?!!


 We were out taking pictures over by this little area of woods and Geneva was SURE
she heard a bear or a wolf... there was a little crunching and cracking noise and Valerie was like
"Geneva, We don't have bears and wolfs here!" She continued to think there was until
we saw a squirrel for proof! they then laughed about it!

Don't forget to be happy and
have a whimsical day because today is national happiness day!!