Saturday, June 4, 2016

HHI Family Vacation | Nov 2015 | Pt.1

It was such a blessing to
be able to go down to Hilton Head Island, SC
last November with the WHOLE family (minus a few cousins).
It was such a lovely place to be for Thanksgiving.
We hadn't been as a whole family since 2012 I think
so it was great to be back.
made so many memories and had some quality family time!
I have so many photos that I'm going to divide this
into a few posts. one really sad thing is that I lost like two
days worth of pictures :'( the laptop I uploaded them on was having 
a little meltdown and I formatted my card before I had noticed
they hadn't really uploaded. that's my little sobb story!
Now for the photos I DO have ;)

Day 1 > Friday

 Packing for trips like these just makes me get excited 20x more =D
(And I usually forget to pack something important in all the excitement!)

When we got to our halfway stop for the night, us girls were all huddled around the window
taking pictures of the sunset! it was beautiful. This photo does it no justice!

Day 2 > Saturday

My backseat buddy.
All the pretty fall colored mountain slopes <3

 These mountain tunnels are one of the highlights of the drive!!

So, we arrived pretty late and got pizza for dinner and then we all went
out to the hot tubs and enjoyed the ocean breezes =) 
I can't even describe how perfectly peaceful and wonderful it was!!

Day 3 > Sunday

Such a pretty place ♥

 It's so cool because they have all these pond ish things and they also had these little
motor boats you could control (which is what they're doing there!).
Paul found a starfish missing a limb...

 Every evening we all usually gathered in the hot tubs and chilled, or took a swim in the warm pool which didn't feel so warm
 late in the evening after the sun had set on a November evening :)

That's it for this post! I'm still a bit behind on posting but I'm trying to work on it 
every time I get the chance! Summer is a busy time =D

Have a whimsical day & God bless you!