Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nature Photography

So, Lately I've been
shooting flowers and everything green
& full of life! The camera I currently
use doesn't do very well as far as portraits go
so I'm just practicing in manual mode / playing around with
the DOF (depth of field).
Here are some of my favorites from this spring...

Ok, I know that was tons of photos but I wanted to get them
all posted :) If you couldn't tell by the
amount of photos on this post... I loved shooting all of them!
God has created such BEAUTIFUL things for us to
enjoy. Yet we often forget about those little things
and not even notice the masterpiece right before our eyes!
I never knew how beautiful this overgrown weed bush thingy ever
was because we would chop it down summer after summer... All it took 
was one summer of not chopping it down to bloom and blossom with these
lovely little pink flowers! I can't even remember how many
mornings I woke up to watch the sunrise and ended up with my camera
and I all up in the bush taking a trillion photos!!
Lets all try and notice even the tiniest, most simple masterpieces...
the world will look a lot happier if we start to notice ho much beauty we're 
surrounded by.  

God bless you & have a Whimsical day!