Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Snacktrays | FOOD

The last several months
we've been making snack-trays for lunch!
Basically when we're out of leftovers 
or there's not enough to go around, you make 
up a bunch of random on a tray and
call it lunch ='D
(Not to mention, they are kinda cool lookin!)
All my little siblings LOVE it when
I make these because it involves all these different
foods that you get to eat as finger food and 
we all get to share off of one tray! It is a rather fun lunch :)
Here are some of our creations!

First tray >
•Avocado ranch dip
•Olive, Cheese and Pepperoni skewers 
•Almond thins w/ Cream cheese

Second tray >
•Everything bagel bites with cream cheese
•Sliced strawberries 
•Veggies and ranch
•Cheese cubes

Third tray >
•Hummus + Honey mustard pretzel skins
•Watermelon, Cherries, Kiwi
•Vanilla wafers + banana slices

Fourth tray >
•Crackers + Hummus
•baby Carrots 
•Lettuce, turkey, cheese wraps
•Dried strawberries + Bananas
•Twizzler bites 

Fifth tray >
•Veggies + Dip
•Mini Pretzel Vienna cheese bread loafs
•Lettuce wraps w/ BBQ pulled pork
•Rice cakes cut into bites w/ Strawberry Jam

Well, I'm getting hungry now :D
Have a whimsical day,